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Scorpion Covert Helmet - Ratnik Scorpion Covert Helmet - Ratnik Moe00 - UAE Good choice "the Helmet, I think with my 3 month using it, Its one of the best when it comes to looking, style, pricing, comfort, the only down thing in this beautiful helmet is you ride fast, the wind make loud noise"
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Fly Tourist Helmet - Vista Fly Tourist Helmet - Vista Bill - Catasauqua, PA, USA Good for year round riding "I bought this helmet to use on motorcycle tours around the country. And I love the convertible aspect of it. I use the sun visor on nice days, Pop on the face shield for rainy days. And the chin bar with breath box is just what you'll want on cold days. There are 3 other helmets hanging on the wall I can use, but always turn to this one. Fit is about right, looks are good enough. Plus, with the chin bar on it kinda looks like a space helmet lol. If your new to riding ,and don't have the funds for multiple helmets. Get this one, It's like 3 in 1."
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