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M4 Motorcycle Slip Ons

23 Results

Most Recent Slip Ons Reviews

M4 Standard Slip-On Exhaust M4 Standard Slip-On Exhaust Pirana - Angleton, Texas Good Looking Exhaust "I bought the M4 exhaust for my 2017 FZ-09 because, for one thing, I didn't want to spend the money for a complete new exhaust with headers. The M4 looks & sounds good without being exceptionally loud. And I haven't even removed the baffle, I know that would be over the top loud. If you have the right tools it's a fairly straight forward procedure. The worst part is that it takes a little time to grind down the weld where you cut the catylitic converter off. I haven't really noticed any performance improvement & don't care too much for all the popping during engine braking. Maybe I need an ECU reflash. As a plus you do drop a few pounds off the bike too."
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M4 GP Series Slip-On Exhaust M4 GP Series Slip-On Exhaust Gunn3r - Springfield, MO Great sound, perfect look "Had it for a month now. I did remove the silencer that came with it. Sounds great."
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