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MOTO-D Next GPS Lap Timer MOTO-D Next GPS Lap Timer JohnBBBBB - San Diego, CA, USA this MOTO-D gps lap timer is amazing "WOW this is state of the art and super accurate, all I had to do was turn it on and go and it recorded our lap times at Chuckwalla with ease and accuracy. It's a great tool as it records lap times and your telemetry which you can replay with the software over a google earth map. I'm impressed and moutning on my bike was easy."
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Starlane Athon XS Tachometer Starlane Athon XS Tachometer Veloc - PDX You get what you pay for, and then some. "When you say the name "Starlane" to many people here in the States, they say "Huh? Who? What? Why are you talking to me?" This is a very unfortunate reality, because Starlane race products are some of the finest devices you'll ever have the pleasure of having blink at you every lap. Particularly with the Athon XS, what you get is a GPS and/or wheel speedometer, universal adjustable tachometer, shift light, lap timer, lap *recorder*, temperature gauges, and a partridge in a pear tree. Thanks to the built-in 10Hz GPS tracking, you can not only record the exact path around your track, but the DigiRace MMX software ties in with Google Maps to overlay your path along a real picture of your track. Some fine adjustment to the map alignment, so as to correct natural variance may be required in software, but you'll see your path/line, sector times (sectors can be assigned automatically, or manually adjusted), top speed, average speed, where you're accelerating, where you're coasting/braking, sync up on-board video, and perform a whole host of other functions that most people never even think to analyze. The GPS is accurate and quick. The light bar/tachometer is spot-on and provides fine-adjustments for peak, shift, hold and redline. The "Best Lap" indicator is an unobtrusive red LED that blinks only briefly, and I've only seen it engage when on a straight. I honestly can't imagine how I ever got along without this device, and I've been able to identify specific points in my laps where I'm losing time. Tremendously helpful."
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