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Joe Rocket Speedmaster Helmet - Carbon Joe Rocket Speedmaster Helmet - Carbon Thehoff - Portland, or Lightweight, looks cool and very comfortable "Had this helmet for about 5 months now and really like it. It's very lightweight, like under 3 pounds I believe. The carbon weave looks really nice and the finish is very glossy and smooth. The vents work well to bring some air into the helmet. The cheek pads and liner come out and go back in quickly and easily and washing them is easy. The visor is easy to remove and install and it hasn't fogged up even a little. I installed an led electric tinting system on the stock clear visor but if I were to do it over again, I'd probably just buy the light and dark tinted visors. Now for the few things that I am not such a fan about....the cheek pads loose their size after a few months making the helmet loose. In order to make it right again you just have to wash them, but I feel that from at snug as it was when I first got it to 3 months later, it lost a lot of its density, more than I would have thought. I am actually going to go with xs cheekpads to see if that fixes it. It's not super loose, just enough that if I turn my head going 60+ it twist my head and it wouldnt stay positioned well. Since washing the pads that issue has been resolved, so I just know to wash my pads once a month. They get all sweaty so it's a good idea anyway. Another thing I wish it had was provisions for a com or at least an audio speaker system. There is room for speakers but it would be better if it had cutouts and better options for routing the wires. Other than that it's a great helmet. For the price, you wont find a carbon helmet looking at other brands."
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Joe Rocket Women's Moto Adira Boots Joe Rocket Women's Moto Adira Boots Jade17 - Maryland They don’t hold up "Boot lasted 1 1/2 year before the sole fell apart. I like the lightweight of the boot but not happy with the wear. Joe Rocket only offers a 1 year warranty."
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