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ICON Field Armor Street Knee Guard ICON Field Armor Street Knee Guard Joecbr - Reston, Virginia Perfect Protection "I've had a pair of these for a year. I'm a commuter and ride a lot. If you wear skinny jeans, and are on-and-off your bike a lot, these are super convenient and great protection. They fit perfectly, are very durable, and come on-and-off easily. The Velcro on mine has barely begun to wear and I must have taken them on-off many 100s of times. Everything about them is top quality. You just ride to your destination, pop them off, and you're in street clothes. So much easier than knee pads that fit under or in your jeans. Turns your favorite jeans, or any jeans, into serious riding gear. Love them!"
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ICON Field Armor Compression Pants ICON Field Armor Compression Pants Dovefeather - Eugene, Oregon Hard Core! "We have protective motorcycle gear that was being sent in for alterations, so we went looking for an alternative and found the D Armor! It fits right under our jeans and we can rest assured we have good armor for protection, and the outer chaps to protect our hide! Just in case. Who wants breaks and skin grafts if they don't need to. No-one I know ever thought they would wreak. Thank you for this brilliant idea!. Even the hardest core bikers can wear these underneath and still look cool without any one knowing. I would only suggest a fly for my man, but he can pull them down as they are very stretchy in the waist, just not as convenient. I have already recommended these to several people and motorcycle supply stores. No photo is necessary, because you just can't see them!"
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