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ICON Raiden DKR Boots ICON Raiden DKR Boots Josh - Rock hill sc Icon raider DKR "Boots are great . Only con is that the buckle system comes loose and u half to tighten them down after a few rides and walking . As for walking there ok but not so flexible because of the axle metric steel shank"
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ICON 1000 Elsinore Boots ICON 1000 Elsinore Boots Clay - SLC, UT All 5 stars for me "I have really out this boot through the paces. From all day 700+ miles payment days to full days in the dirt. It has held up and performed very well. The looks speak for themselves. If you like the look you won't be let down. They only get better the more you ride. My only issue is that they are not waterproof. With that said the only time my feet have gotten wet is once in a massive rainstorm that I was in for almost and hour. And second going up onion canyon in Moab. Hitting the stream crossing with a little extra zest forced water in through the zipper. I look forward to having these for a very long time."
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