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Mobile Warming 7.4v Vinson Heated Vest Mobile Warming 7.4v Vinson Heated Vest Patsy - NC My husband loves his vest!!!! "My husband loves this vest. He wears it fishing and whenever he is cold. He let a friend try it on and he ordered one for him and one for his girlfriend. They also love their vest. We had to go to a funeral recently and it was a graveside service. It was cold and the wind was rough. He wore his vest under his coat and was warm. The fit of the vest made it easy to conceal it under his coat and he kept warm. When he told his friends about the vest they were all interested and said they would check it out. I hope they did. He is one very satisfied customer. Thanks for making such a great product."
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Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vest Liner With Collar Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Electric Vest Liner With Collar Clickman - Texas Outstanding Product "I have been layering like a Michelin man for several years and decided to finally spring for a heated liner . Wow! What a difference. I no longer need all that bulky stuff that constricts my motion. The expanding panels along the sides are very comfortable for me and move as I move. I am going to look at a full liner now!"
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Heated Motorcycle Vests

Some riders choose to wait for warmer weather while others cherish the opportunity to bundle up and hit the road when the mercury dips. But cold weather and a 70 mph wind chill can permeate the thickest of jackets so when your regular gear can't cut it check out the available heated riding gear that keeps you warm without hindering your ride.

Heated vests and liners offer a great way to keep your core warm without overdoing it. Riders who like the style of wearing a vest or simply prefer less-is-more when it comes to riding and handling the bike have a variety of choices when it comes to heated gear that stands alone or fits under their regular riding jacket.

Heated vests come with the same technology infused in heated jackets and offer temperature control while using a battery pack or your motorcycle's electrical system for power. And don't worry about a restrictive fit, manufacturers use stretch panels and comfortable fabric to keep you cozy without feeling overly snug.

If you have any questions give one of our Gearheads a call at 866-677-7338 and we can help narrow your choice based on where you live, expected weather conditions and the type of riding. Whatever your riding needs we'll help you find the best heated vest and deliver it fast. Remember, most orders more than $79 ship free.