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GYTR R6 Bike Cover GYTR R6 Bike Cover d1andonly1 - North Carolina, USA If you own an R6, this is a must!! "I recently purchased the GYTR R6 cover for my bike, and I'm truly happy that I chose to do so. I had a one size fits all beforehand, and it was a problem making it stay snug to the bike. The material is super water repellent, and also heavy duty to where it won't be a cover you will have to replace for years to come. I'm very pleased that it’s also made to be super snug to the body of the bike, so the wind and elements will not get into it. It is truly as advertised, it’s a cover that goes from top to bottom. I live in North Carolina, and if you are from the south, you know that storms come out of nowhere and without a cover, or the right one for that fact, you run the chance of you being away from the bike and it getting soaked. I have gone through a recent winter storm and then a thunderstorm a week later, and both times the cover did an amazing job, even in the wind!! If you own an R6, this is a must to protect your investment!"
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GYTR R1 Bike Cover GYTR R1 Bike Cover Spin Yamaha R1 Bike Cover "This cover is ten time better than my previous cover, and it keeps the bike dry in the rain which is a plus. Overall I would recommend it."
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