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Graves Progressive Throttle Tube Graves Progressive Throttle Tube ducatirdr - Massachusetts, USA Requires removal of stock throttle stop nubs "The throttle tube is now installed and works great. Its a perfect solution to smoother riding of the 2015+ R1. I combined this with a 15 tooth front sprocket and the ride is much better. I added the Graves Flash and it really is smooth now. The bad - This throttle tube requires you to file down the throttle stops inside the stock housing. Otherwise the tube rubs and will not rotate. I used a Dremel cutting disk much like a sander and lightly worked the side of the inner housing to remove the nubs of the stops. The product works perfectly once this task is completed."
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Graves Replacement Clip-On Bar Graves Replacement Clip-On Bar MotosylumRacing132 - Prince William County, VA, USA Good price for the Graves tube "Purchased as a spare to keep in the trailer. The plug is NOT pre installed or included. This is just the tube. That doesn't bother me much since racing isn't a beauty contest."
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