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Galfer Semi-Metallic Brake Pads Galfer Semi-Metallic Brake Pads KTM Paul - MN Pad fell off twice. "They worked good for about 15 minutes and then the pad fell off of the backing plate on the piston side. Same exact thing happened again on the second set. I'm thinking there was a manufacturer defect of not enough glue to bond the pad to the backer."
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Galfer Front Brake Line Kit Galfer Front Brake Line Kit Alec - Huntley,IL Not Happy "The line moves with in the black plastic coating, and got stuck down and ended up rubbing on my front rotor until there was a hole in the line. only have 2 rides on front brake line. Not happy with this part. was expecting more than 2 rides out of a brand new line before having to replace, especially for the money."
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