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Woodcraft Clip-Ons Woodcraft Clip-Ons Lichi - Pacoima, CA Great adaptability and craftsmanship "Just installed them on my bike (2002 R1). I am 6 foot and didn’t want to be leaning so much forward. I got the 2inch riser and I didn’t have to change any of the the lines for clearance or length issues. Overall well pleased with quality and craftsmanship of bars. Bars make the bike easier to control specially on cornering, makes bike look better as well.Will defenetly buy again"
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Woodcraft Clip-On Handlebar Adapter Plate With Bars Woodcraft Clip-On Handlebar Adapter Plate With Bars DucatiConvert - Columbus, OH, USA Great quality but many downfalls "I'm not super happy that I got these. Pro: Excellent quality product. Easy installation (kinda, had to build a jig to center drill locator holes -- no biggy). Professional packaging. Very quick delivery. Con: In addition to the movement down (it's in the description), this moves your hands forward (more reach than expected) and in (this is the worst part -- clutch won't "fit" --metal cable router hits shock) and the mirrors would move in so far as to be absolutely useless (bar end mirrors not an option for me, I got collapsible levers and clip on to reduce "drop" damage potential after very expensive parking lot incident). Also reduced bar leverage gives me some concern. Saving grace: I will eventually try these, but had to order extra long bars so it will be another week (at least it's still winter). Stock bar is 11.5 inch, but 13.5 inch available (maybe they should make this an order option). I'd recommend the higher riser because of the forward movement (I got the 1 inch). And rant: the design flaws stem from the company replicating clip-on shock tower tangentially located clamps. This is silliness, since the adapter mounts through the factory triple-clamp location and the adapter ends could have easily been brought out two inches to the side and back an inch or so for a more comfortable bar location. This is my daily driver, so I need good mirror placement and plenty of bar leverage, not an esoteric tangential clamp mount that doesn't clamp to the shock anyway."
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