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Chatterbox Duo Pro Communicator Chatterbox Duo Pro Communicator buck don't know what to think "bought it and it only works while its on charger too many wires to worry about while riding a motorcycle"
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Chatterbox Duo Pro Communicator Chatterbox Duo Pro Communicator James ""
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Go Right Ahead - Be a Chatterbox

Chatterbox USA developed the first rider-to-rider communication system for the motorsports industry in 1993 and today the company continues to lead the market in biker to biker communication. Riders and passengers use Chatterbox to talk with each other, talk on the phone, listen to music and coordinate GPS.

Communication is key in every facet of life and when you're on two wheels it's even more crucial. Take for example, the Chatterbox Duo Communicator. It's hands-free with a rider-to-rider range of 200 yards in full duplex and rider to passenger capability. This model features Bluetooth allowing you to pair with two accessory devices like a cell phone, GPS, IPod at the same time. The Chatterbox Duo is ideal for the commuting rider.

MotoSport carries one of the largest selections of Chatterbox communication devices and accessories on the web. We carry mounting brackets, replacement headsets and chargers among other accessories.

Check out Chatterbox the next time you ride to work or venture on a day long excursion with friends. Shop online at MotoSport with our convenient and secure site for the best pricing and service available. If you prefer to work with us directly, call 1-866-667-6288 for fast, friendly service or chat with an expert and make your first choice for Chatterbox USA.