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Most Recent Protective Gear Reviews

Atlas 2018 Air Neck Brace

Atlas 2018 Air Neck Brace

Jose151 - Milton, WV I love how light it is "I bought this kneck brace a few months ago looking for a brace that wasn’t to bulky and was very light. It comes in very nice packaging and straight out of the box with out doing anything you can start riding in it. The brace fit perfect didn’t jump and and was so light I could barley tell it was there"
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EVS R3 Race Collar

EVS R3 Race Collar

Fred B - Jackman, ME Excellent product "I'm a large guy, 18" neck and big shoulders/traps, and it fits me fairly snug, but still comfortable. For me, it does require a little effort to turn my head, but not too bad. I wear mine with a THOR chest protector without any issues. I mostly ride wearing a hoody (north west Maine, mostly cold) under the chest protector and with the EVS collar it makes it a little cumbersome. When worn with just a jersey, it's fine. I won't ride without it. I highly recommend it, and the wearing of any protective gear. However, your best source of protection is common sense."
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