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BikeMaster Fuel Filter BikeMaster Fuel Filter KS300xcw - Portland, OR, USA Nice looking filter "Ordered a filter for my daughters dirt bike via a phone order and received this one. I haven't used it yet because it's to big and heavy for a dirt bike but I will put it on a street bike in the future."
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BikeMaster Fuel Filter BikeMaster Fuel Filter Blank - "Looks great, works great. Much higher quality than the plastic ones that cost almost the same amount. -More in depth- Much easier to install than the last plastic fuel filter i had, the difference was honestly night and day. If you've had a hard time getting a plastic filter in your fuel line seriously buy this and try it. I cant comment on its durability because I havent had it on very long but judging by all the differences I have seen between this and those plastic ones I think it's going to last much longer. The last plastic one I had cracked open for no apparent reason and would make my garage smell like gas for days everytime I rode because it had a very small leak. The last thing I like about this one is its size, it is kinda wide but its not too long so you don't have to cut out a bunch of fuel line to put it in."
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