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Arai XD4 Helmet Arai XD4 Helmet Dennis - NJ Arai XD-4 "I saw a sign in a shop when I was a kid..."If you have a $10 head buy a $10 helmet..." Although Arai's are pricy, my life, 2 subsequent children and this review is only possible because my Arai helmet saved my life SEVERAL times as a professional racer! Now riding on the street these days, even more reason to wear the best!!! Fit is great, noise level is GREAT- tried Shuberth-too heavy, Nexx- too noisy and construction leaves a lot to be desired, Bell- OK and this helmet has them all covered!"
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Arai Vector 2 Helmet Arai Vector 2 Helmet Laurel - Awesome helmet "I purchased this and the Shoei Qwest. The Arai fit my head better so I kept this one. It is comfortable and relatively light. Good ventilation and the fit has just gotten better over time."
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