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Scorpio SR-I900R RFID Security System Scorpio SR-I900R RFID Security System monty i900 scorpio "Off to a bit rocky start...had to send the remote back...the ground pin was messed up.But got that back in 4 days. Had some trouble programming it also...HOWEVER,I had the RF antenna on the same side as the other module.Once I moved it over and away from that part,it programmed great.I'm happy with the features and the operation of it.Fast shipping as well...very good."
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Condor Helmet Hanger - Universal Condor Helmet Hanger - Universal Christ - Hillsboro, OR, USA Simple, Easy Storage Solution "Don't want your helmet scratched or dirty? Do you have limited space where you live and need a place for a helmet? This is the solution. Perfect for hanging both my riding jacket and my helmet in the entryway in my home so I am always ready to ride!"
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