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MotoSport Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand MotoSport Aluminum Dirt Bike Stand Loomis - MI Great stand "This is a very nice stand. It’s lite weight and holds the bike very well. Has a nice large center cut-out for performing oil changes. Welds look very nice and I expect it to last a very long time."
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BikeMaster Liftstick BikeMaster Liftstick Cal001 - Portland, OR, USA Just what I was looking for! "I use this on my KLR 650. Even though it was designed to lift just the rear wheel via the swing arm, I can use it to lift the front wheel as well. Great in case you need to fix a flat on the trail. Packs small, a little on the heavy side but if it were made of lighter materials I wouldn't trust it. VERY sturdy and the turnbuckle design means you can fit it to the bike, then turn and lift the wheel up however much you need. Already used it in backyard to change both the front and rear tires."
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