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Athena Gasket Kit - Complete Athena Gasket Kit - Complete Danny - Phoenix, AZ Not complete "I am a little disappointed as I was expecting this to included ALL the seals and gaskets for the bottom and top end. It did not include the clutch cover seal/oringt. That is the only one I have not seen in this kit so far. I have not finished the top end rebuild yet. I am going to have to source the missing gaskets / orings from another vendor, and now have to pay more shipping etc for just those ones I need. Other than that, the quality of the stuff included seems pretty good, but I don't know how they hold up until I can finish the build and test them. Just know that you will have to search for the missing gaskets separate in order to compete the set."
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Driven Complete Performance Clutch Kit Driven Complete Performance Clutch Kit Kyleflowers - Pa Best one for the price! "My clutch was shot so I put these plates in and they work amazing! They r smooth and grip really good."
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