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Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Pivot Pegz Pivot Pegz Mark 3 Pivot Pegz kbuckey - Lookout Mountain, CO Great dual sport pegs "I really like these pegs. I have them on my two DR650s and now on my KLX250. The pegs make standing much more comfortable, especially in comparison to the standard skinny little pegs on the KLX. The pivot factor is really nice as well, making shifting and breaking while standing much easier. They are not cheap but, at least in this case, you get what you pay for."
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Moose Bolt-On Kick Stand Moose Bolt-On Kick Stand Gary - As advertised "Installed easily on my RMZ 250. Had to turn it into a family model. The kickstand makes it easy to follow my son and help him out without having to lay my bike down all the time. It is the perfect length, especially for the softer sand here in NE North Carolina. I haven't noticed any imballance when jumping. Sturdy. Just a little expensive."
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