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Cometic Top End Gasket Kit Cometic Top End Gasket Kit Chris - Tucson quality gaskets "Gasket kit came with the pro x piston kit I got for my 2001 Cr125. Gaskets were high quality worked as should, fit was good."
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Driven Complete Clutch Kit Driven Complete Clutch Kit JoeP Didn’t realize how bad my clutch had been "I bought this clutch kit because it’s cheap and the reviews seemed good enough, I skipped the spring installation because somebody said the ones that come with it are lackluster and they recommended heavy duty units. I couldn’t justify that expense so I refused mine, though they feel about the same so I have a backup set. The clutches perform great though. I didn’t know how inconsistent my clutch had been all these years, this is my first cr250, these gave me a lot of low speed confidence that I didn’t have before thanks to the predictability they provide."
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