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Puig Touring Windscreen Puig Touring Windscreen Calamity - Blaine Wa Great fix "The stock screen on the 1290 Adventure provides 0 protection at speed so the Puig screen was the obvious choice among a very limited selection of aftermarket units. Installation was a no brainer and it does a great job preventing the violent buffeting the stock screen created."
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Puig Front Plate Puig Front Plate Acor24 - San Antonio Love it "Red xsr900 got my plate in last week, install is ridiculously easy, you don't touch the headlight, there's small unused brackets right next to the headlight brackets, just unscrew the bolts, mount pate brackets and put plate on... I took the bike out today to test my gpr and at 130mph the crazy wind normally ripping my head off was significantly better. Love the look, made higher speeds more fun, good job puig!"
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