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LighTech Rearsets With Brake / Clutch Lever Combo
LighTech Rearsets With Brake / Clutch Lever Combo

$516.60 - $1153.28
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Item #LTC004L

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# Part Numbers

Brake And Clutch Lever Set
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Standard KLEV114J
Standard KLEV117J
Standard KLEV115J
Standard KLEV109J
Standard KLEV113J
Standard KLEV107J
Standard KLEV108J
Standard KLEV103J
Standard KLEV104J
Standard KLEV101J
Standard KLEV102J
Standard KLEV045J
Standard KLEV032J
Standard KLEV029J
Standard KLEV038J
Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRSU004W
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard Shift FTRKA006W
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRHO005W
Fold-Up Pegs / Reverse Shift FTRDU011W
Fold-Up Pegs FTRKA004W
Fold-Up Pegs FTRKA007W
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRYA011W
Fold-Up Pegs FTRSU002W
Fixed Pegs FTRSU002
Fold-Up Pegs FTRSU001W
Fixed Pegs FTRSU001
Fold-Up Pegs FTRMV002W
Fixed Pegs FTRMV002
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRYA007W
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRYA008W
Fixed Pegs FTRTR004
Fold-Up Pegs FTRHO008W
Fold-Up Pegs FTRTR004W
Red / Fold-Up Pegs FTRDU003ROSW
Fixed Pegs FTRTR001
Fixed Pegs / Reverse Shift FTRDU011
Fixed Pegs FTRYA001
Fixed Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRHO005
Fold-Up Pegs FTRYA001W
Fixed Pegs / Standard Shift FTRKA006
Fixed Pegs FTRYA009
Fixed Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRSU004
Fold-Up Pegs FTRYA009W
Fixed Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRYA007
Fixed Pegs FTRYA002
Fixed Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRYA008
Fold-Up Pegs FTRYA002W
Fixed Pegs / Standard/Reverse Shift FTRYA011
Fixed Pegs / Standard Shift FTRAP004
Fixed Pegs FTRHO008
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard Shift FTRAP004W
Fixed Pegs FTRKA007
Fold-Up Pegs / Reverse Shift FTRBM002W
Black / Fold-Up Pegs FTRDU003NERW
Fixed Pegs FTRKA004
Fold-Up Pegs FTRKA005W
Fold-Up Pegs FTRKA003W
Fold-Up Pegs FTRHO002W
Fixed Pegs FTRKA003
Fold-Up Pegs FTRDU005W
Fixed Pegs FTRKA005
Fold-Up Pegs FTRBM001W
Fixed Pegs FTRHO002
Fixed Pegs/ Reverse Shift FTRBM002
Fixed Pegs FTRDU005
Fixed Pegs FTRBM004
Fixed Pegs FTRBM001
Fixed Pegs / Standard Shift FTRDU010
Fold-Up Pegs FTRBM004W
Fold-Up Pegs / Standard Shift FTRDU010W
Fold-Up Pegs / Reverse Shift FTRAP003W