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Hammerhead Optional Rubber Shift Lever Tip
Hammerhead Optional Rubber Shift Lever Tip

$24.99 - $29.99

Select your bike to see if this shift lever tip fits


  • Description

  • Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
    Blue / +0mm ST0R BLUE
    Blue / +10mm ST10R BLUE
    Blue / +15mm ST15R BLUE
    Blue / +20mm ST20R BLUE
    Blue / +5mm ST5R BLUE
    Gold / +0mm ST0R GOLD
    Gold / +10mm ST10R GOLD
    Gold / +15mm ST15R GOLD
    Gold / +20mm ST20R GOLD
    Gold / +5mm ST5R GOLD
    Green / +0mm ST0R GREEN
    Green / +10mm ST10R GREEN
    Green / +15mm ST15R GREEN
    Green / +20mm ST20R GREEN
    Green / +5mm ST5R GREEN
    Orange / +0mm ST0R ORANGE
    Orange / +10mm ST10R ORANGE
    Orange / +15mm ST15R ORANGE
    Orange / +20mm ST20R ORANGE
    Orange / +5mm ST5R ORANGE
    Red / +0mm ST0R RED
    Red / +10mm ST10R RED
    Red / +15mm ST15R RED
    Red / +20mm ST20R RED
    Red / +5mm ST5R RED