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Fuel Star Fuel Valve Kit
Fuel Star Fuel Valve Kit

$27.23 - $90.86
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      Item #FSR0001

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      7 Questions

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      • Not Yet:   1

      Question asked by Nation814

      Question: When are you guys going to have these back in stock ? 
      Question asked 19 days ago
      Question answered by Michael
      User's contributor status: Top 10
      Question answered 19 days ago
      Answer: There is no estimated delivery date as to when this would be restocked, however we do have the opportunity to check on what other petcocks may be used for your machine, feel free to contact us directly for more guidance.

      Question asked by Eric

      Question: I have a 2007 Honda 450X. Does the kit include the filter screen too?
      Question asked 1 month 1 day ago

      Question asked by Vern

      User's contributor status: Verified Purchaser
      Question: My ‘05 KTM 250 exc fuel valve has 2 screws that go into the tank not a nut set up like the picture.  How can this be an exact fit?
      Question asked 1 year 1 month ago
      Question answered by Dan Gearhead
      User's contributor status: Top 25
      Question answered 1 year 1 month ago
      Answer: The image is for reference only, actual product may vary slightly based on fitment.

      Question asked by Dirtbike dude

      Question: Could this possibly fit my 02 XR400R it says it fits every other XR except mine is that a typo?
      Question asked 1 year 6 months ago
      Question answered by DaveGearhead
      User's contributor status: Top 10
      Question answered 1 year 6 months ago
      Answer: It is not a misprint or typo. Your fuel petcock mounts to the tank by use of (2) screws. This item mounts by way of a large nut. This will not work for your bike.

      Question asked by Ariel

      Question: Is this fit in shadow ACE 2003 ?
      Question asked 1 year 7 months ago
      Question answered by TylerGearhead
      User's contributor status: Top 25
      Question answered 1 year 7 months ago
      Answer: Giving us a call at 1-888-676-8853 would be best so we could answer this question fully and be as accurate as possible.

      Question asked by Todd75

      Question: Can I buy a fuel line from the cockpit to the t from you .
      Question asked 1 year 8 months ago
      Question answered by JamesGearhead
      User's contributor status: Top 10
      Question answered 1 year 8 months ago
      Answer: Yes, absolutely. Biker's Choice Black Neoprene Fuel Line is what you are looking for, you can cut it to whatever size you need.

      Question asked by Emily28

      Question: I was wondering when I would be getting this
      Question asked 1 year 9 months ago
      Question answered by Michael
      User's contributor status: Top 10
      Question answered 1 year 9 months ago
      Answer: If this is for an existing order please call us or email us on the information for both provided at the bottom of the page on our website. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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      # Part Numbers

      Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
      Fuel Star Fuel Valve Kit FS101-0010, FS101-0011, FS101-0012, FS101-0013, FS101-0014, FS101-0015, FS101-0016, FS101-0017, FS101-0018, FS101-0019, FS101-0020, FS101-0021, FS101-0022, FS101-0023, FS101-0024, FS101-0025, FS101-0026, FS101-0027, FS101-0029, FS101-0030, FS101-0031, FS101-0032, FS101-0033, FS101-0034, FS101-0036, FS101-0037, FS101-0038, FS101-0039, FS101-0040, FS101-0041, FS101-0042, FS101-0043, FS101-0044, FS101-0045, FS101-0046, FS101-0047, FS101-0048, FS101-0049, FS101-0050, FS101-0051, FS101-0052, FS101-0053, FS101-0054, FS101-0055, FS101-0056, FS101-0057, FS101-0058, FS101-0098, FS101-0100, FS101-0101, FS101-0102, FS101-0103, FS101-0104, FS101-0105, FS101-0106, FS101-0107, FS101-0108, FS101-0109, FS101-0110, FS101-0111, FS101-0112, FS101-0113, FS101-0114, FS101-0115, FS101-0116, FS101-0117, FS101-0118, FS101-0119, FS101-0120, FS101-0121, FS101-0122, FS101-0123, FS101-0124, FS101-0125, FS101-0126, FS101-0127, FS101-0128, FS101-0131, FS101-0132, FS101-0133, FS101-0134, FS101-0135, FS101-0136, FS101-0137, FS101-0138, FS101-0139, FS101-0140, FS101-0141, FS101-0142, FS101-0143, FS101-0144, FS101-0146, FS101-0147, FS101-0148, FS101-0149, FS101-0150, FS101-0151, FS101-0152, FS101-0153, FS101-0154, FS101-0155, FS101-0156, FS101-0157, FS101-0159, FS101-0160, FS101-0161, FS101-0162, FS101-0163, FS101-0164, FS101-0165, FS101-0166, FS101-0167, FS101-0168, FS101-0169, FS101-0170, FS101-0171, FS101-0172, FS101-0173, FS101-0174, FS101-0175, FS101-0176, FS101-0177, FS101-0178, FS101-0179, FS101-0180, FS101-0181