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Fuel Star Fuel Valve Hose and Clamp Kit
Fuel Star Fuel Valve Hose and Clamp Kit

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      Item #FSR0002

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      3 Questions

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      Question asked by Louieapollo250

      Question: Will it fit a apollo 250cc ?
      Question asked Over 6 months ago
      Question answered by SamS
      User's contributor status: Top 500
      Question answered Over 6 months ago
      Answer: This product is a fitment specific item, but we do not have any Apollo models listed under our fitment guide so I am unable to determine if this item would fit your specific application. I would recommend reaching out to the dealer where the bike was purchased from to obtain the specific fuel hose you need for your Apollo 250.

      Question asked by Marc58

      Question: Will this fuel line work on a Honda Forman TRX 400
      Question asked 1 year 3 months ago
      Question answered by TiaGearhead
      User's contributor status: Top 25
      Question answered 1 year 3 months ago
      Answer: No it will not

      Question asked by Prime Mover A1A

      Question: So this is preformed in the correct shape to go between the fuel tank and the carb? 
      Question asked 1 year 4 months ago
      Question answered by robert
      User's contributor status: Top 10
      Question answered 1 year 4 months ago
      Answer: Yes these will be preformed to the specific model of vehicle chosen.


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      # Part Numbers

      Product Variant Manufacturer Part #
      Fuel Star Fuel Valve Hose and Clamp Kit FS110-0004, FS110-0008, FS110-0009, FS110-0010, FS110-0012, FS110-0013, FS110-0014, FS110-0015, FS110-0016, FS110-0017, FS110-0018, FS110-0019, FS110-0020, FS110-0021, FS110-0101, FS110-0102, FS110-0103, FS110-0104, FS110-0105, FS110-0106, FS110-0107, FS110-0108, FS110-0114, FS110-0115, FS110-0116, FS110-0117, FS110-0118, FS110-0119, FS110-0120, FS110-0121, FS110-0122, FS110-0123, FS110-0124, FS110-0125, FS110-0126, FS110-0127, FS110-0128