Warp 9 Dirt Bike Complete Wheels

2004 Yamaha YZ125

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Warp 9 Complete Rear Wheel Warp 9 Complete Rear Wheel Honda420 - Above and beyond! "Took a chance going with the low end of the price spectrum with the Warp 9 complete rear wheel but did not have the “MEGA BUCKS!” It can require to purchase a rear wheel that is COMPLETE and the Warp 9 is just that complete. It comes with a brake rotor that is way more stylish and functional than OEM ones. Sprocket matched my tooth requirements and after going through a rear tire that was purchased at the same time, the rotor and sprocket still look in excellent condition (Proper rear drive chain adjustment is also important in how sprocket wears) I’ve been riding dirt bikes since I was 5 yrs old I’m currently 47 And have a 06’ Honda crf450R, 55hp, tons of torque and I ride this incredible bike like there is no tomorrow! And the Warp 9 complete wheel is just as good if not better than any other wheel on the market. I can only tell you my experience with this product and it is excellent!!! Buy it!!! You will be satisfied!!!"
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Warp 9 Complete Front and Rear Wheel Combo Warp 9 Complete Front and Rear Wheel Combo Laserboy - Couldn't imagine re-lacing any wheel again "I came across a cracked wheel so I knew I was going to replace it. I called my mechanic on labor for lacing up a wheel/rim and It made my decision in buying this complete wheel setup a no brainer. Labor for re-lacing a wheel plus the rim, comes close to the price of a new wheel. Plus these wheel sets come with new bearings and discs. I would never go another route in purchasing wheels."
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