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O'Neal Trail Pro Short O'Neal Trail Pro Short Nebby - Sacramento, CA, USA Suprised "So, I purchased these shorts In hopes of finding something different from the padded shorts of yesteryear. You know, pulling the pads, washing and sometimes frustrating reassembly or the realization that someone tried to help out and washed and dried them for you! Leaving you with pads now sized for ninny mouse. Thes shorts I was sceptical of at first. The fabric was much lighter making you think one ride failure and the butt pad is big! Making you think it's not for you! Until you finish a day of riding in the gnarly trails where your a#$ has been removed and reapplied more than a teenagers makeup. That pad saved my a#$ literally and I round that fabric breaths better than most. Right now a couple of rides in, Happy."
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Ethika The Staple Boxer - Men's Ethika The Staple Boxer - Men's mxrj450 - Marquette, MI, USA underwear "worth every penny. love how they fit!"
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