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TM Designworks Dirt Bike Glide & Skid Plates

Applied Refinements


Most Recent Glide and Skid Plates Reviews

TM Designworks Skid Plate TM Designworks Skid Plate MontanaSon - Billings, MT, USA Nice Fit on KTM "Fits my 2016 KTM SXF like a glove. Plenty tough, not too heavy. Looks good, if you notice it at all. Don't like how it fits along the sides? You can trim it and/or bend it with heat. Mine came with a bracket on the bottom that slides onto a frame cross member, and two upper mounting brackets that fit over and across the frame members. The bolts go through the bottom of the skid and into the mounting brackets. Took maybe 15 minutes to mount. I did cheat a bit; only used the top mounting bracket. Couldn't see how the middle bracket was necessary. Will see how it works."
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TM Designworks Skid Plate TM Designworks Skid Plate Koelemon - Phoe Descent product "It comes with holes on the plate that the exsisting mounting brackets on the frame go through so they do not use the factory mounts. I think they do this to get a tighter fit within the frame. My biggest complaint is the bolt hardware was not long enough so I had to go to the hardware store to purchase 2 new bolts for the front mounting brackets. It would be a nice addition to have the side fins a little higher to protect the water hose more. As you can see it fits well other wise a does provide decent protection. Skid plates are very limited for this new of bike and I feel this is one of the better fitting after market skid plates."
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