Thor Dirt Bike Chest & Back

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Thor 2018 Impact Deflector Thor 2018 Impact Deflector Mitch453 - Illinois, USA Just as the description states! "Very comfortable unlike many others I’ve tried in the past. I can’t comment on durability as I’ve only had it for a few weeks but it seems as it’s going to hold up for quite some time"
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Thor 2018 Sentinel CE Chest Protector Thor 2018 Sentinel CE Chest Protector Blaze - Hubert, NC 28539, USA Thor Sentinel "My chest protector arrived a few weeks ago and upon opening the box and putting it on, the clips on the front part of the chest popped out. They snapped right back into place but it was still disheartening to know that I just paid good money for this and it was already breaking on me. I have worn it now three times and it has done the same thing every time. I don’t know if it’s a manufacture error or flaw but it definitely not the first thing you want happening upon putting on. Other then that, it looks nice, feels nice and deflects the roost like it should."
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