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KTM PowerParts GPR V4 Stabilizer Kit KTM PowerParts GPR V4 Stabilizer Kit Mike - Bangor PA GPR V4 Stabilizer "Awesome Damper , with that said, installation is clear if you follow directions, since it goes below the bars,you have to remover the triple clamps to mount the pin , also don't forget to run a strap to hold the wheel and forks in place. for shorter riders ,keep in mind it raises bars 13mm , This item would make more of a difference on a fast rough section of trail. although it looks so good ,i just don't care that i might be too slow to feel all of it's positive effects. if it saves me once from an unexpected rock plinking me off the trail i will be happy. High Quality , KTM Orange!"
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GPR V4 Steering Stabilizer GPR V4 Steering Stabilizer Demonhawk - One bolt holding too much tension "I'm not impressed, there is only 1 small bolt holding this from moving side to side. Yes there are pins that screw down onto the frame but so far the bolt has backed out twice, I put thread locker on it and I can still hear it binding when moving back and forth. Had 2 different shops look at it and finally the dealership. No one was impressed with how this mounts. For as much as I paid I was hoping for more...."
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