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Renthal Handlebars - Standard 7/8 Renthal Handlebars - Standard 7/8 Carsons230 - Best bars on the market "It is always frustrating after a crash to see that you bent the mess out of your bars... I compete in trail racing and i always seem to smack a tree or hit the ground in some way or another, but these bars have stayed true throughout every beating I put them through. If you are ready to replace your handle bars for the last time then these are the bars for you. The colors on the bars are not like they are in the picture, the grip area are the only colored sections unfortunately."
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Renthal Twinwall Handlebars - Oversized 1-1/8 Renthal Twinwall Handlebars - Oversized 1-1/8 BigJim - OC Not exact fit! "These look awesome. They are strong and light. My only issue was they were supposed to be exact fit for Kawasaki kxl140. The problem with that is that the 140 is electric start and the starter box has a peg that has to insert into the bar. I considered grinding the peg but realized the electric start would end up slipping and spin on the bar. My solution was to drill a hole in the bar. I doubt it will matter much but sucks to drill into a new bar. I did find out that the bar is filled with some kind of silicone or something which will probably reduce the vibration. Only other comment is that they are a couple inches wider than stock bars. I didn’t read that in the description. Hopefully it’s no big deal for my kid."
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Building Championships

Renthal got its name from the combination of the founders' names - Andrew Renshaw and Henry Rosenthal - who, in 1969, made the company's first handlebars based upon a prototype Rosenthal used for his trials bike made out of H14 aircraft aluminum. The aluminum handlebars fared well against the steel bars they replaced. Thus, a small scale aluminum handlebar production began. By 1975, demand was so heavy Renthal grew into full production mode.

Renthal made its name in the motocross industry by building championships. Renthal products so far have won more than 150 World Titles and more than 130 US Titles and in 2004 their handlebars made motocross history. Renthal supplied the first aluminum 7/8-inch handlebar as an OEM product for a Japanese off-road motorcycle. Honda's decision to make Renthal its supplier also marked the first time that aluminum 7/8-inch handlebars were fitted to a motocross bike.

In 2005, Yamaha fitted Renthal handlebars to several models. In 2010, Renthal handlebars steered Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and KTM performance motocross motorcycle models. Renthal's innovation also includes adjustable clip-on handlebars.

Renthal Handlebars at MotoSport

MotoSport carries three types of Renthal handlebars: the 1-1/8 inch oversized Fat Bar; the 1-1/8 inch oversized Twinwall; and the standard 7/8 inch. Renthal constructs their bars with 7010 T6 aluminum, a specially developed alloy the company has exclusive rights to. Each bar is available in several colors and in numerous signature styles like Carmichael, Stewart and McGrath.

If you're looking to upgrade or replace a broken handlebar look no further than MotoSport and Renthal. If you need help deciding on the right bar for your bike and riding style please give us a call on our toll free line 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert. Get free 3-day express shipping on most orders over $79 from MotoSport.