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Dirt Bike Rear Tires

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Michelin S12 XC Rear Tire Michelin S12 XC Rear Tire JamesGearhead Budget but good "Kind of soft for trail riding. More a soft, MX Tire than anything. Hooks up great on the track."
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Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Rear Tire Michelin Starcross 5 Medium Rear Tire James - Enfield, Coneticut Good traction "The meadum star Ross 5 tires stick to the dirt and mud really well, a little loose on wet rocky hills but for the most part its stays glued to the ground. I've had them on my bike for around 10 hours now with a little bit of pavement rideing and there is noticeable ware on the tread."
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Dirt Bike Rear Tires

Most dirt bike riders burn through two rear tires for every one front tire. It makes sense since the rear endures much more abuse especially in Motocross. Once the knobs start rounding or you feel loss of grip it's time to change.

If you bought the original rear tire from MotoSport you'll find the replacement right here even if purchased as a combo. If not, don't worry we carry all the name brand dirt bike tire manufacturers so you can grab a new one quick and get back to riding.

Aside from run-down, another reason for switching out the back tire is based on the expected conditions. Some riders install the same brand and style others might use a different brand or terrain type in the front compared to what's rolling in the back. It's all based on personal preference but in some cases like dune riding you'll need to change out your Motocross rear tire for a paddle or sand tire.

MotoSport stocks a wide selection of rear dirt bike tires to address every riding style and terrain type. Be sure to check your current tire and wheel size and then use the drop down menus to ensure the right fit for your dirt bike. If you have questions or want advice on switching to a different rear tire give us a call at 888-676-8853 or use the Live Chat.