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Leatt AirFlex Pro Knee Guards Leatt AirFlex Pro Knee Guards HARDHILL - CA great knee guard "I had been wearing Leat Dual Axis knee guards, but after the second spill with pain and bruising, I decided to try these. First I wore them under the dual axis and was comfortable, but not yet ready to trust the Air flow Pro without hard shell protection. But I was about to make a sandwich with a old piece of bread and thought this was about the same consistency as my knee cap so I put it inside the Air Flow Pro and placed it on the anvil and smacked it a with a 24 oz. hammer, looked at the bread and saw no impression. Then I placed the bread alone on the anvil, smacked it again with the hammer and crushed the bread. Good enough for me as a stand alone knee guard."
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Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee & Shin Guards Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee & Shin Guards Skytoucher - Alabama Nice but annoying "After going through 3 sets of the Airflex guards I tried these. They offer more protection at the shin . They bunch up and pinch me behind my knee and the Velcro snags on the inside of my pants. Sometimes I have to stop riding because they bother the back of my knee so much, have to pull my pants down and grab at them/ re adjust. Pretty annoying. The hybrid elbow guards are awesome.. the knee guards need some improvement in the comfort category."
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