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Fox Racing 2018 Legion Jacket Fox Racing 2018 Legion Jacket TX248 - League City, TX Excellent Jacket! "I bough this jacket for a desert riding trip down in Mexico. We had a mix of roads at higher speeds to I could test the jacket’s ability to keep me warm and also technical rock sections on trails so I could test how well the jacket vented off heat. I was 100% satisfied with both tests. We also had some higher speed trail sections where brush was hitting the arms of the jacket and you can’t even tell it was taken on a trip, still looks new. This is a great jacket and another example of the quality I have come to expect from the Fox brand. Will likely be adding the matching pants and jersey to the mix soon. Great job fox and great job MotoSport, Kjell Jacobsen helped me get this one and it’s another win for his excellent customer service skills!"
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Thor 2018 Pack Jacket Thor 2018 Pack Jacket Mike - Bangor PA Thor Jacket "Overall nice to have for colder / and or wet riding , excellent wind breaker, and waterproof , rolls up nice and small if you need to put it in your backpack. The only reason i'm not giving it a higher rater....... is it doesn't seem to breathe as well as i expected, so on a 40-45 degree cloudy day , i was too warm at times. (in the woods riding my 300xc,in rocky nj/pa)"
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Dirt Bike Jackets

Every now and then the weather calls for a bit more warmth irrespective of how hard you ride. Jackets made exclusively for riding dirt bikes keep you warm, protect you from the elements and allow you all the freedom of movement you enjoy without one.

Popular in off-road races or with trail riders cold weather and heavy downpours offer little fight when up against a dirt bike riding jacket. Made from the best materials to keep cold and wet out, these jackets provide plenty of air flow, space for armor and most allow for a drink system. MotoSport stocks the industry's best brands when it comes to riding gear and our jackets come in a wide range of sizes for men, women and kids.

In addition to riding jackets, we also carry more budget friendly and thinner rain suits and coats for those mild days when the clouds break free. In either case, dirt bike jackets keep you warm and dry allowing you to concentrate on the road up ahead. We stock many so give us a call at 888-676-8853 if you can't decide. We can help narrow the selection based on our experience, and the riding conditions and other factors you're facing.