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FilGuard Premium Dual Stage Air Filter FilGuard Premium Dual Stage Air Filter ks819 - NJ Unusable - Had to throw them away. "Bought these for 2005 CRF450R. The edge of the filter that sits on the filter cage is too small. There is not enough surface area to get a good seal. A light touch of the filter and it pulled away from the cage. I don't like to bash products but you can't have a filter come off the cage that way on a dirt bike."
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BMC Air Filter BMC Air Filter acgi The more air the better "If you want increased airflow for the street without the worry of the thin membrane and possible particles entering your engine from a full race filter....look no further"
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Dirt Bike Intake

Before every ride you check the air filter in your dirt bike. At least you should. Air filters get dirty fast and probably represent the most addressed maintenance need for riders. The good thing is these foam air cleaners install quite easily.

An essential component of a dirt bike's intake system, a dirty air filter ruins performance and overtime damages the engine. You want clean and free air flow so most riders own several and have one or two at the ready in the event conditions require a change. Air filters last anywhere from one afternoon to several days of riding.

If you're looking for a new air filter or to purchase a few more to have as back-up you've come to the right place. MotoSport carries a variety of dirt bike air filters from the most trusted brands in the industry. Remember, air filters require oiling so don't forget to oil you're new filter or buy one pre-oiled, ready to install. We've also got kits that replace the stock air filter cage to help eliminate leaks and provide a tighter seal.

Additionally, the intake system on your dirt bike goes beyond the air filter. A new jet kit raises the level of performance from OEM and if you ride a 2-stroke you'll eventually need to replace the reeds. Get everything you need to address the intake system on your dirt bike at MotoSport. If you have questions on a specific air filter or what precautions to take when riding in the sand dunes give us a call at 888-676-8853 or use the Live Chat. We are The Guys That Ride so everything you see here we use on our bikes too. Don't worry about this weekend's ride either. We'll get you your new air filter or other intake part fast and orders more than $79 ship free.