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Fly Stingray Ready-to-Ride Hydration Kit Fly Stingray Ready-to-Ride Hydration Kit Zoltan - New Jersey Great combination "I'm 5'8 and weigh around 218lbs. I basically have a Mark Walberg frame with out the abs. haha. But, I feel that it may be relevant to folks that are looking to see how it fits. I rode with it once and it is a huge improvement from my former setup of wearing a chest protector with a hydration pack. I ride mostly enduro, single track and harescramble. I like this setup because it fits good on my body. I don't notice it being on. The water pack looks different in material than most. However, it works fine. The pack has enough room for tools. I also want to add that I used to ride with a body armor type protector and I almost always ended up drenched. This is a great alternative. I stay cool and not lose protection. Take note, I do wear separate elbow guards under my jersey. Hope this helps."
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Leatt Trail WP 2.0 Hydration System Leatt Trail WP 2.0 Hydration System TheTyLife - Kapolei, HI Very Poor design and quality "I have always been a fan of Leatt products, especially their knee/elbow pads. I gave this small hydro-bag a shot, expecting the same quality but was very disappointed. Both zippers broke within a few months of using this bag and the shoulder strap adjustments loosen up very quickly during a ride. Paying $100+ for a tiny backpack that I was expecting to be built well, I'd look elsewhere."
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