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Husqvarna PowerParts Dirt Bike Backgrounds

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Husqvarna PowerParts Number Plate Backgrounds

Husqvarna PowerParts Number Plate Backgrounds

JS78 - Antioch, Ca Disappointing product "As far as something that has husqvarna's name on it i would expect better quality in a background. They did look clean when i 1st got them but The yellow used is an old school yellow rather then the bright yellow used on husqvarna and the mil spec of the material is really thin rather then thick like most backgrounds. I peeled the paper off the back and the actual color of the background came off and since i had a race in 3 days i was forced to use these faulty backgrounds making my husqvarna look horrible. Motosport took care of me though and will send me another set and will express ship them to me for the mishap but they will be on backorder and will take 2 weeks for them to get before they ship out to me plus additional wait time. I have installed many graphics over my many years of riding and never had any issues like i did with these. My opinion is save our money and get nice custom background not some cheaper setup"
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