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Dirt Bike Suspension

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Most Recent Suspension Reviews

All Balls Fork Bushing Kit All Balls Fork Bushing Kit Mark L - Cottage Grove, OR Went together fine, a lot of bits don't fit "None of the o-rings or copper washers included in the kit fit the fork on my 1995 cr125, except for the largest o-ring for the fork cap. Luckily, the old o-rings and copper washers were still viable somehow, although judging by the state of the oil in the forks, they may not have ever been rebuilt. The seals and bushings fit fine and work fine, but I shouldn't have to worry about whether or not the old bits that are supposedly included in the kit can be reused."
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Factory Connection Shock Spring Factory Connection Shock Spring Mxer4life - Dover, De Great! "I bought this shock spring along with fork springs about a month that ago and I love that I did. I didn't know what size to get so I called factory connection and they told me what I should get for my height and weight. Fter riding a few times I'm noticing I can get on the throttle earlier and harder than before going through corners. Jumping is much smoother and scrubbing is easier as well. Definitely the best purchase I've ever made for my bike."
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