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Acerbis Gas Tank Acerbis Gas Tank Dave - Charleston, WV Leaks like crazy "I got this for my bike because I am a frequent trail rider, and need larger amounts of gas on my rides. The stock one wasn’t cutting it, so I got this one. It worked pretty well for a month but then started leaking. At first it wasn’t bad, but then it progressively got worse. I bought it for a 2012 crf250r and I was very impressed with the ease of installation and capacity of the tank, but now I regret buying it. It’s almost like the plastic at the bottom is rising up around the bolts and creating cracks big enough for fuel to get through."
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FREE Flo No Slop Vent Hose FREE Flo No Slop Vent Hose JimH - Kingman, AZ, USA Works well - good colors "Works well and has a good color selection. Still lets a little gas flow out when my oversized tank is completely full, but much better than stock without a one way valve."
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