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Pro Taper Contour Handlebars - Oversized 1-1/8 Pro Taper Contour Handlebars - Oversized 1-1/8 yzsteve - rocky mountains So far so good "Have about 10 hours of ride time on these. Have had a couple of decent front end wash outs and had to bail after going over a berm, and so far bars seem to be holding up well. Had to re-align the forks after a few of the falls but bars seem to remain true. At the time i purchased these I didn't realize the Contour were the lower end bars as compared to the EVO. In the future I may purchase the EVOs just to see if they're any better, but so far these Contour bars have done a good job of holding up to abuse. For the money they seem like a good value and I am happy with the purchase. I am a Vet C rider and these have been used on a yz250."
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Renthal Handlebars - Standard 7/8 Renthal Handlebars - Standard 7/8 Edodd Best aluminum bars out there "These came with the bike when I got it and I thought cool aluminum bars. Then I road my freinds bike that had pro taper aluminum bars and there was lots of vibration. There is absolutely no vibration to these and they are also very durable. These are the best bars out there."
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