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100% Racecraft Goggles 100% Racecraft Goggles shuddles625 - Portland, OR Good googles for a reasonable price "I have been purchasing 100% goggles for a while now due to their price, quality and good looks. These goggles do not fog up, have great ventilation and fit comfortably. Good looking style with the band and the out riggers."
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Blur Optics B-50 Magnetic Goggles Blur Optics B-50 Magnetic Goggles ExpertJBam19 Unexpectedly awesome "Got these to give a try after seeing them online and I’m so very impressed! The magnets are very powerful and even if you took a huge digger and rag dolled I think it would be pretty tuff for the lenns to come off. Major upside is cleaning the lens, no more awkwardness trying to get the inside of the lens clean and dry. Just a very cool goggle"
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