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Fox Racing 2018 180 Boots Fox Racing 2018 180 Boots Jdacey - Ny Fox 180 boots "I wear a size 10 in nike sneakers and i bought a size 11 after reading all the reviews. Im glad i did because they fit perfect. I wore them around the house for a bit to make sure they fit properly. They are amazingly comfortable for a pair of mx boots and i have owned several pair in my 25 years of riding and racing. They are insanely light as well. Dont waste your time or money buying tech 10s or sg12s fhese are the best boots i have ever put on my feet"
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Fox Racing 2018 180 Boots - San Diego SE Fox Racing 2018 180 Boots - San Diego SE Speedcatt - Puyallup, wa Terrible quality "Boots look great and are super comfortable but that’s where it ends. 10min into my first ride with them on I noticed my left boot felt loose while shifting. I stopped and noticed both lower buckles were undone, upon closer inspection I found the lower strap had snapped and the upper eyelet where the strap connects to the boot broke. I didn’t notice any impact but I must have bounced the boot off a rock or something. The plastics used for the straps is super brittle and can’t hold up to anything. I’ve had cheaper boots last years with no issues. I’ve sent an e mail off to Motosport and am hoping for a simple resolution. Spend a couple extra bucks and buy something nicer."
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