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GMAX GM11 Dual Sport Helmet GMAX GM11 Dual Sport Helmet Bill - 14589 perfect for me "Great helmet at a great price. The fit is right on the money. I'm ordering the smoke and bright orange shields as well."
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Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet - Vice Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Helmet - Vice los_jarritos - Portland Super Light! "I really like this helmet, first time picking it up it was noticeably lighter than my TLD."
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Geoff Fox, PhD

What we do is not rocket science. So, when a man with a doctorate who teaches physics starts a motocross company people tend to notice. Such is the case in 1974 when Geoff Fox, PhD, founded Moto-X Fox, a distribution business for motocross parts and accessories. By 1976, Moto-X Fox was manufacturing high-performance suspension and engine components.

In the following decades, Fox added to its reputation by designing and engineering protective clothing while also designing the Fox Forx Kit and distributing the first gas pressurized shocks. Gloves were developed in the 70s, the Comp2 boots and race pants in the 80s, and then in 1999 the Pilot helmet.

Fox Helmets

Marketed as the "coolest" helmet ever, the Fox Pilot helmet introduced dual venting channels consisting of two chambers running along the top of the helmet allowing cool air in while pushing hot air out. The Flite helmet arrived in 2000 and the Pilot line expanded with 2000's Battle Proven. The rest of the decade continued to see Fox helmets expand their product line, like the Ricky Carmichael Replica helmet in 2002 and the not-very-heavy 1350 gram VS Pilot helmet in 2005, and improve on safety and design.

Fox helmets manage to blur the line between safety and fashion. The sleek designs and innovative styling make Fox helmets not only a must have but a must want. MotoSport carries a number of Fox helmets from the ultra cool V4 Flight Carbon helmet to the crisp looking V3 Fathom helmet. Fox helmets protect your most valuable asset and give you the stand out look of a motocross star.

MotoSport is the best place to find Fox helmets. We provide a 90-day return policy and most orders ship same day.

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