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FMF Pipe Spring Tool FMF Pipe Spring Tool MotoManiac - Santa Cruz, CA, USA Great tool "Great tool, the right size and easy to use."
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FMF Muffler Plug FMF Muffler Plug Shuddles - Portland, OR Classic Exhaust Plug "Fairly explanatory product. Put this in the end of your four stroke exhaust to protect it from getting water in the exhaust when washing the bike. As other reviewers have indicated, the red flag is not extremely strong so do not pull on it to remove the plug. The flag is there as a more obvious reminder that you have an exhaust plug installed. How many times have you seen someone who is having a hard time start their bike when they realize the exhaust plug is still installed :) The ribs on the plug make it easy to push in and ensure you have a snug fit before washing your bike."
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