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Dirt Tricks Timing Chain Tensioner Dirt Tricks Timing Chain Tensioner MrRoost - Michigan Finally fixed the chatter! "2008 KTM 505 SXF. I’ve been worried about a chattering/rattling noise coming from my bike at while idling for quite a while. It sounded like something had broken off and was banging around in my top end. My bike had about 100 hours on it so I thought I’d bring it in for a professional top end rebuild and mentioned the noise, but they found nothing out of the ordinary. After the new top end the chattering remained, until I put in the Dirt Tricks tensioner. It fixed the noise instantly, and the noise has not returned after 8 hours of riding time and my mind is now at ease. Very easy install too, took maybe 30mins taking my time."
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Dirt Tricks Timing Chain Tensioner Dirt Tricks Timing Chain Tensioner Bhenderaapp After market timing chain tensiomer "After first piston change and valve adjustment on my14 KTM 350xcf I decided to add this product. I noticed a quieter/smoother runnning bike immediately. OEM parts require oil to be running at normal pressure prior to giving adjustment. You won't notice the knocking of the timing chain with OEM parts until you install this product (you will notice a quieter idol especially with cold engine temps). The spring mechanism allows immediate adjustment and consistent tension on the timing chain. Great product. Highly recommended even on 250 models (my friend did the same). Worth the price."
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