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Bridgestone Dirt Bike All Tires

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Bridgestone Battlecross X40 Rear Tire Bridgestone Battlecross X40 Rear Tire juicedstang999 - connecticut Only good for blue groove, that's it... "There is nothing intermediate about this tire. Dry, Hard pack ONLY!!! After only 200 miles of rocky hardpack gravel and varied New England terrain I've come to the conclusion this F & R combo was the absolute WORST I have EVER ridden... I wouldn't even give them away to any of my riding buds.. I tried Tu-bliss @5 psi with little better result, 2 psi works the best because of the ridiculously stiff sidewall, almost no tire squirm at 0 psi on Tu-bliss!!! Front worked the best around 6-8 psi. Dry conditions no complaints (wear like steel, harder than a DOT tire), Damp conditions start to get sketchy and unpredictable.... NOW, exposed tree roots, mossy slick conditions, loose muck, wet rocks, wet leaves, riverbeds, sand, sticky mud and silt, or mountainsides FORGET ABOUT IT, almost useless... Wet log crossing is a chore and loose or damp rock gardens almost GUARANTEE a front end wash-out. If you live in the North east and its wet, stay away from this tire. The most UN-versatile Intermediate-Hard tire avail... Wish Bridgestone would bring back the old tried and proven 403/404's..."
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Bridgestone M102 Rear Tire Bridgestone M102 Rear Tire Nick - NC Best tire I've had "This tire hooks up very well in loose dirt, sand. I will be buying this tire again and again. Also looks good aesthetically."
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