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Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish Pro Honda Spray Cleaner and Polish Rusty - Port St Lucie, FL, USA Pro Honda Cleaner "I have used a lot of Clean and Polish Products. The Pro Honda Cleaning does just that it really cleans any surface with ease. It doesn't Polish like Maxima SC-1, But it really is and outstanding Cleaner. After washing Bike with Hose and Bike wash. The next step is Pro Honda to get all the Plastic and nooks and cranny's if you will. Then The SC-1 Bike will look amazing, MotoSport has Pro Honda cleaner as well as SC-1 in stock and at a Good Value"
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Pro Taper Grip Glue Pro Taper Grip Glue TX248 - League City, TX Works so well I don’t have to wire my grips "Love this product, I use it with the Port Taper Pillow Top grips. It bonds strong enough that I don’t need wire but not so strong that I can’t replace my grips when they’re worn out."
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