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Athena Big Bore Gaskets Athena Big Bore Gaskets KTM1190R - North Carolina The right gaskets for the job "If you have a Big Bore Athena kit installed on your bike, this is the only gasket set you should purchase. It is quite pricey for 2 gaskets, 1 copper exhaust gasket, & a chain tensioner gasket (CRF450X), but that is the price you pay when you go bigger!"
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Athena Factory Cylinder Kit Athena Factory Cylinder Kit RangerDrew Excellent Head "Easy to install and give tons of power."
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Athena Boosts Raw Power

If you're looking for optimum power on your ride or simply want to seriously upgrade stock components then an Athena big bore kit is your first install. Athena is an Italian corporation founded in 1973 consisting of seven companies that manufacture gaskets, technical articles and metallic components.

Athena's Aftermarket Division operates exclusively in the motorcycle industry producing gaskets, thermic units and spare parts. Athena big bore kits include an aluminum cylinder with a galvanic coating, a molybdenum-coated cast piston and a specially designed gasket kit to accommodate the big bore features. Athena gasket kits themselves are an industry-leader.

MotoSport offers a range of Athena big bore kits sizes as well as those popular gasket kits. Use the Fitment Expert to find the right Athena big bore kit for your ride. Most kits contain a cylinder, piston, ring(s), pin, clips and top-end big bore gasket kit. If you want help finding the right Athena big bore kits for your bike please call 866-677-7338 or chat with an expert.

MotoSport is the aftermarket motorcycle parts specialist you need to find the right look, the right style and the right fit. Get the largest selection of Athena big bore kits delivered to your door and free 3-day shipping on any order over $79 (certain restrictions apply) from MotoSport!