Polisport Dirt Bike Radiator Shrouds

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Polisport Radiator Shroud Set Polisport Radiator Shroud Set Gwk565 - Michigan, USA 2006 cr250 "Lois great"
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Polisport Radiator Louvers Polisport Radiator Louvers TimmyP533 - Portland, OR, USA fits 2002-2004 CR250R "I checked this myself, but please review for yourselves Polisport's fitment and part numbers as well as cross reference the '02-'04 CR250r oem part numbers to confirm that these radiator louvers are available for the '02 and '03 CR250r in addition to your fitment for the 2004 (which is a different fitment from '05-'07 models) Might fit CR125Rs too so check please. BRAAAHP!"
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