Akrapovic Dirt Bike exhaust

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HMF Competition Slip-On Exhaust HMF Competition Slip-On Exhaust Mitch - Ocala, FL. What you’re looking for "Put it on my 2014 z400 a couple years ago also used the hmf tuner for fuel injection it gave it a noticeable jump in power there is more low to mid range torque helping the acceleration and it sounds awesome. I’ve ran other pipe on multiple bikes and for anything four stroke hmf always has given me the best resaults!"
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Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe - 2-Stroke Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe - 2-Stroke Hunter - NC Over all great Pipe "I bout this a few months ago so i have some riding time with it. I got it for the YZ 85 so i dont have a power valve i put this pipe on and the bottom end had more torque and the top end pulled harder with a longer over-rev. The pipe looks and sounds amazing, a little louder but not too loud. it did get a little rust around the welds but you cant notice it. if you hand dry it it wont rust."
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